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Our Mission

Moore Tutoring is a husband-and-wife-owned, elite tutoring boutique with one mission: to connect the most driven students with the best tutors.

Good tutoring companies hire tutors that scored in the top 10% of all test takers. Great tutoring companies, like Moore Tutoring, hire tutors that scored in the top 1% of all LSAT and ACT test takers.

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Meet Our Founders

Mary Lauren Moore attended and graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Marketing. Preston Moore received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Georgetown University and went on to graduate at the top of his class from Harvard Law School (HLS). During his time tutoring at HLS, and prior to that, prepping for the LSAT, Preston started to realize a gap in tutoring services, specifically for the LSAT. It was after graduating that he shared his vision for higher level tutoring that was superior to what he had previously encountered with Mary Lauren. The missing piece was simple. Students wanted more.

From this need for more, Moore Tutoring LLC was born. Students who come to Moore Tutoring receive student-centered testing support. In cooperation with tutors who are considered experts at their respective test, Moore Tutoring provides peer-to-peer assistance through individual collaboration. The Moore Tutoring staff strives to maximize student potential and success. Each student receives the following:

First, the tutors take stock of what the students’ goals are in terms of school and score. They begin by asking what school does each student wants to attend and what score they want to achieve.

Second, the tutors diagnose a realistic path for where their students are performing on the test right now to what results they are trying to achieve. With the support of a tutor, the students map out the fastest way of getting there. Lastly, the tutors facilitate students in developing the skills necessary on making those improvements.

Lastly, if students want information on Admissions Consulting, our consulting consists generally of a three-step process.

1. First, the tutors complete a target school assessment. Once the tutors have a grasp of the test scores, GPA, extracurriculars and other mitigating factors such as underrepresented minority status, the tutor work with the students to create a list of schools that are safe, competitive and within reach. In other words, the tutors realistically assess students’ strengths and advise which schools are reaches, which are sure bets and which fall somewhere in between.

2. Next, our tutors work with their students on application preparation. For the personal statements or narratives, the tutor and student brainstorm a topic, revise drafts and finalize with the best tone and voice. The tutors review resumes and line-edit, where appropriate as well as advise students concerning which recommenders are best for their application. And, of course, the tutors work with students to determine when an additional addendum is appropriate (and if so, we work with students to draft that addendum well).

3. In addition, Moore Tutoring manages students’ applications beyond when they “hit send.” Moore Tutoring will be there to help students identify when letters of continued interest are appropriate (and when they are, assist in the drafting process). Second, and perhaps the most important of all, our tutors help students leverage scholarships and admissions offers to get the most financial assistance they possibly can.

What more could you ask for?

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