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Why Moore Tutoring?

At Moore Tutoring, we hire only tutors who have graduated from, or are currently attending, the top colleges in the country. Every tutor we hire has exhibited excellence on the LSAT or ACT and ultimately, in his or her law school or post-secondary career.

A dream score is never too big for the caliber and pedigree of our instructors. Every tutor that we hire has been to the top and has a demonstrated history of leading student after student there, too.

Give us a call. Let’s make your dream score (and the scholarships, admissions, and career prospects that come with it) come true.

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Moore Tutoring has the strongest LSAT and ACT tutors of any company. No private tutoring
company has an all top 1% scoring tutoring staff for the LSAT and ACT.

About Us

About Us

Moore Tutoring is a husband-and-wife-owned, elite LSAT boutique with one mission: to connect the most driven LSAT students with the best tutors.

Good tutoring companies hire tutors that scored in the top 10% of all LSAT test takers (164 and above). Great tutoring companies, like Moore Tutoring, hire tutors that scored in the top 1.5% of all LSAT and ACT test takers.



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