Moore Tutoring vs. Kaplan LSAT Prep: How Do We Compare?

Moore Tutoring Is Superior To Kaplan LSAT Prep

Many places offer tutoring and LSAT preparation courses today. However, we at Moore Tutoring believe that we stand out as one of the country’s best LSAT tutors. This is thanks to our capable tutors and personalized approach. 

However, it is always a good idea to take a step back and look at fellow counterparts in the industry and what they are doing. Another place that students can turn to for preparatory courses is Kaplan LSAT Prep.

While evaluating ways to improve the services Moore Tutoring offers, a comparison of the two comes in handy. 

About Kaplan LSAT Prep

Like Moore Tutoring, Kaplan LSAT Prep offers LSAT prep courses in different variations. There is an online course, a do-it-yourself course, a boot camp, and a tutoring plus online course.

The online course gives you a support team to help you as you prepare from the comfort of your home online. You get support for teachers wherever you are and costs 1200 dollars. The DIY course is a fully structured course that students can do at their own speed. This option costs 700 dollars.

The boot camp, on the other hand, immerses students in 4 weeks of uninterrupted LSAT prepping. It is an intense prep for those whose LSAT exam dates are coming closer. It costs 3900 dollars. Finally, tutoring plus online course gives you one on one sessions with experts plus a full course. This combination costs 2300 dollars. 

About Moore Tutoring

Likewise, Moore Tutoring offers tutoring packages for different hours. The smallest package is one hour of LSAT tutoring. There is no limit to the number of hours you can receive for tutoring. However, the rate per hour is significantly lower as you pay for more hours. Prices, therefore, range from 120 dollars per hour to 150 dollars per hour. 

This tremendous rate combined with our personalized approach to LSAT tutoring is what makes us stand out. Compared to a service like Kaplan which provides large-scale tutoring services in a generalized fashion, there’s just no better than Moore Tutoring. 

We take the time to understand each of our students’ learning styles. Then we apply different approaches to each student based on this learning style along with their personal LSAT test-taking goals. 

What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between Moore Tutoring and Kaplan LSAT Prep (or any LSAT tutoring service for that matter) is personalization. Not everyone takes tests in the same way, so logic would dictate that not everyone should study the same way. 

Thus, while Kaplan can lead to average scoring at an average price, Moore Tutoring offers a unique and insightful strategy, so that our students can excel on the LSAT. And, we do it all at a fair rate. If you’re ready to take your LSAT score to the next level, contact Moore Tutoring