How the LSAT Impacts Your Career

Your LSAT Score Has A Significant Impact On Your Career

Everyone who has taken or is preparing to take the LSATs will tell you that the score you get has a significant impact on the school that you get into. Many schools will always prioritize your LSAT score when considering admissions.

However, most people do not know that the LSATs also have a significant impact on your career. While your career and the LSATs look like two distant parts of your life, they are significantly connected. 

What you do not know is that your LSAT scores are heavily scrutinized by hiring managers and law firms you want to work at in the long run. It could potentially make or break your career before it has even begun. 

The LSATs and Your Career

The LSAT is an equalizer among law students like every other standardized test for students who share the same course. It measures legal aptitude and is not subject to interpretation or manipulation.

This makes any LSAT score a considerable influence on the school you are admitted to and your career choice and path. It gives schools, firms, and other organizations an idea of a student’s untapped legal aptitude as compared to others, regardless of other factors. 

Attending law school will allow you to explore different career paths. You could become a practicing attorney, LSAT tutor, or law clerk, just to name a few.

Higher Scores

When you get a high score, you will have access to prestigious schools. Institutions want students with high LSAT scores because they not only have a lot of potentials, but it also helps their overall ranking. 

When you graduate from a good school, you become a coveted professional with good results and are sure to receive internship opportunities from top firms. Many law firms select interns by evaluating the schools they attend, their overall performance, and their LSAT scores. 

Those with high scores are more likely to land an internship at a respected law firm. Being an intern in such an organization puts you in a better position of becoming an associate when you finally graduate. From here, you can work your way into being a partner. 

Another career path open to people who score well on the LSAT is tutoring. Tutoring has become a prestigious career path that could earn you a lot of money yearly. There are many LSAT tutoring firms and organizations today, and they only hire the best.

A good LSAT score could earn you a position as a tutor in a top organization. Because you did well, they will trust you to offer high-quality tutoring to those who wish to get a high score. Despite what many people think, low LSAT scores will not earn you a career in tutoring. 

Lower Scores

Lower LSAT scores mean that you will not get many offers into good schools, affecting what type of law firms you will join. You will have to work much harder to get into a good law firm and even advance after graduation. 

In short, the LSAT has a much bigger impact on your overall career path than you may initially think. It can determine which person gets the promotion, internship, position, etc. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that you take the LSAT seriously and work with a tutor to ensure your success.